Igniting a movement for financial well-being

In 2012, SunTrust defined their purpose as ‘lighting the way to financial well-being’. Ever since, we’ve been helping them put that purpose into action, developing strategic thinking that touches every element of the business.

Building on purpose

SunTrust had set their ambition. Our task was to make it happen, by creating a strategic framework that translated that purpose into tangible action. At the top level this involved work on brand strategy, redefining their personality and aligning product and branch naming. More generally, our role has been to help SunTrust see everything they do through the lens of purpose – from the products they offer to their retail collateral and brand campaigns.

A key component is Momentum onUp, which helps SunTrust’s business clients support their employees on the road to financial wellbeing. We also developed an employee engagement initiative, Purpose Ambassadors, and launched it with a concert for 12,000 teammates.

Making it real

When SunTrust needed to create a branded experience at the 40,000-seat Atlanta Braves baseball stadium, they came to us. We brought their purpose to life with interactive games, virtual reality and more, all aimed at inspiring visitors to take a step towards financial well-being. Once the Atlanta site was established, we took The onUp Experience on tour, spreading the word at parks and festivals across the nation.

Results with meaning

We began with the ambitious goal of five million participants in the onUp Movement. In April 2019, that target was reached.

Today, The onUp Experience welcomes 33,000 visitors every year. Meanwhile, Purpose Ambassadors report being 11% more engaged at work, with 8% greater financial and physical well-being.

Following SunTrust’s merger with BB&T, we continue to help the new company, Truist, translate their purpose into action. Recently, that’s included critical communications around COVID-19, as well as work on the internal and external name and purpose announcements.

Brand strategy, brand advocacy, naming, experiential and internal communications