Transforming the way the world works

Since starting life in 2010 as the brainchild of two Swiss scientists, the story of Starmind has been one of constant growth. Today, some of the world’s biggest companies, in more than 125 countries around the world, use their proprietary AI product to help their employees connect to expert knowledge anywhere in the business — breaking down silos and supercharging productivity.

Start with strategy

After rapid expansion and all the growing pains that come with it, Starmind realized their existing brand no longer represented who they were. They came to us looking for a new identity that would capture the essence of their solution and support their global ambition.

Working closely with the Starmind team, we got deep into the technical details, case studies and industry analysis and came to understand the revolutionary potential of their product. Starmind was looking to highlight its focus on the human contribution and its transformative capabilities for business and we developed a strategy that helped us share this story with the world.

Bringing people together

This new strategy and framework, centered around the brand essence of ‘the power of connection’, set the direction for the new visual identity.

Building on this spirit of connection and empowerment, the new brand world was designed to be energetic and vibrant. Each element reinforces this optimistic, adventurous tone, from color and typography to verbal identity and the sweeping Dynamic Connectors at the heart of the design system.

The new logo is an extension of the same idea, with two lines seemingly locked in place, framing a silent S in negative space.

Reshaping the world of work

With the new brand live as of October 2021, we can’t wait to see where Starmind goes next. And we’re thrilled to have played our own part in helping them transform the way the world works.

“The Archetype team has been an inspiring partner in redefining Starmind’s visual identity, in line with our new messaging, positioning and future goals. We are grateful and proud of how the power of connection has been transposed into our new brand”

Marc Vontobel, CEO at Starmind

Brand strategy, identity, brand architecture, website, guidelines, tone of voice and launch and implementation