Changing the way the world thinks about data

For business, it’s never been more important to have data you can trust. So when Syncsort acquired Pitney Bowes Software & Data, they knew they had the scale and talent to take the lead in this fast-growing market. They came to us looking for a brand that could live up to that ambition and cement their status as leader in data integrity.

Built on purpose

We started by interrogating the two companies’ culture and heritage, looking to uncover a purpose that gives the new brand clarity and focus. This statement formed the foundation of our strategy, providing a unifying goal for the business and a constant reference during creative development.

Name and fame

In a sector filled with jargon and made-up words, the Precisely name strikes a different, more grounded tone. That approach extends to the product naming strategy, which brings logic and consistency to a future-focused portfolio.

Redefining 1s and 0s

We began with the foundation of Precisely’s business – the 1s and 0s of data – and reimagined them to create a simple, powerful brand language.

The language extends into animation and to a suite of 3D expressions, used around key brand moments and in hero placements on the website.

The 1s and 0 were created from our own custom display font, Precisely Data, and form the foundation of the Precisely monogram. The logo is constructed from a custom-cut headline font, produced with F37, which uses perfect geometry to suggest accuracy and consistency. All of which is combined with a distinct, digital-first color palette, with Precisely Purple leading as a key brand signifier.

Creating a leader

Precisely launched globally in mid-2020. Today, the brand inspires employees and industry as it solidifies its position as the leader in data integrity.

“Something rings true about Precisely’s proposition – most of those customers we speak to do want to be able to trust their data. And for trust, you need integrity.” – Diginomica.

“I am immensely proud of what we have created in partnership with Archetype. Their passion and commitment is demonstrated continuously – exceeding expectations at every turn; resulting in a name and clear purpose that cuts to the heart of the opportunity ahead of us, and a brand identity that truly sets us apart. The value our new brand brings is already felt across the business – transforming conversations and enabling us to get even closer to our customers.”
— Kevin Ruane, CMO.

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