Lighting the way

Dude Solutions is a leading light in operations management, helping more than 12,000 clients around the world work smarter, safer and more sustainably. After a series of acquisitions, they needed a brand that could unite their global workforce, supercharge their international ambitions and signal a strategic shift into a new category. We worked with the team to create a new name, brand strategy and identity that conveyed their culture and ambition while staying true to their characterful roots.

Built on bright ideas

We created the Brightly name to reflect the business’s role as a beacon of change in their industry. It brings connotations of intelligence and energy — but also hope, optimism and warmth. It’s reflective of a newly minted brand purpose, personality and positioning that speaks to the role connected assets play in creating thriving, sustainable communities for all. Created in close collaboration with the Brightly team, it’s a compelling story that the brand can build and iterate on, guiding their growth as they turn vision into reality.

Moving in the right circles

The mark draws inspiration from the sustainable communities that Brightly serves. It takes the shape of an infinitely repeating loop, suggesting circularity and wholeness.

Made to stand out

In a sea of corporate blue, the Brightly color palette is made to shine bright. Like the brand itself, it’s unapologetically positive. The Brightly Beams act as foundation graphics, uniting the design system and fizzing with optimism, light and good vibes.
Warm and inventive illustrations enrich stories and bring distinctiveness to a sector in which stock reigns supreme — adding surprise, delight and oodles of charm. Because nothing says progress like a rocket-powered bicycle.

A brilliant future

In early 2022, we helped announce Brightly with a global launch campaign, to an overwhelmingly positive reception from employees and customers alike.

“The team at Archetype—Brands have been partners in every sense of the word: listening when we spoke, pushing us when needed, and always rooting us in the insights, strategy and creativity that are the foundation of our new brand. I’m so proud of what we’ve built together, and the reception — from employees, clients, partners, analysts and prospects — has been nothing short of incredible.”

Brand strategy, identity, brand architecture, website, guidelines, tone of voice and launch and implementation