Unleashing the hidden value in contracts

Icertis is an enterprise AI pioneer poised for major growth. But first they needed a striking brand campaign that would influence decision-makers— and fortify their position as a global leader.

A new category king

Icertis helps some of the world’s biggest organisations— including Google and Johnson & Johnson— to unlock the value in their contracts.

Analysts routinely rate them as the gold standard in their sector. And when customers discover what the platform can do, they love it too.

In fact, the transformative value of their AI-powered platform is now so far beyond the competition that it’s carving out an entirely new category: Contract Intelligence.

Owning it

The challenge? Not enough corporate decision-makers knew about the game-changing benefits of Contract Intelligence. Worse, competitors were stealing the term, adopting it for their own products.

It wasn’t enough for Icertis to talk about Contract Intelligence anymore. They needed to own it.

They came to us looking for a brand campaign that would wake up more decision-makers to the extraordinary benefits of Contract Intelligence — and position Icertis as the only company able to deliver it.

It’s in your contract

Our big idea for the campaign came from an insight that surprised us.

Many companies don’t know what’s in their contracts. Even though these vital documents shape almost everything about how a business works.

This leads to missed risks — and missed opportunities.

Enter Contract Intelligence, which can help companies transform this hidden information into all sorts of good things, like automation, risk management and insights.

So we played with this concept, flipping it on its head, to get our campaign platform: Everything you need for success. It’s in your contract.

It’s attention grabbing, emotive — and, crucially, flexible enough to hold a variety of messaging. This gave us the structure to land the breadth of value Contract Intelligence offers to businesses, across a variety of media.

Intelligent 3D design

Our inspiration for the design was the Icertis logo. Specifically the pink frame, which represents the dynamic way their AI activates contract data.

Through this lens, where others continue to see something static to manage, Icertis sees more: opportunity, drive, and advantage.

We used this as a starting point to build a 3D ‘intelligent lens’ that would signify Icertis’ bold vision and the transformational power of their product.

Freeing the lens from the confines of the logo allowed us to create a powerful and flexible visual system that could be used to tell the Contract Intelligence story in an entirely new way.

“It’s said the written word was invented to document contractual agreements. Icertis unlocks major value for customers, but first they must reconsider something as old as commerce itself – their contracts. Archetype understood that challenge and our vision, brought fresh and elevated creative that captures attention, and pushed us (in a good way) to find the messages that resonate deeply with our sophisticated audience. Icertis is on a mission to transform the foundation of commerce with AI, and Archetype is an important partner for us.”

— Dan Barnhardt, VP, Corporate Marketing
Casting & Talent Shoot Production: Tinderflint
3D motion: Dani Wolf
Media strategy & execution: Twogether
Campaign creation and implementation, film, website and brand strategy