Making industries human

AVEVA is one of the world’s leading providers of industrial software. Their products power top industrial businesses, helping them deliver essential goods and services, from food and medicine to energy and infrastructure, safely and sustainably.

After successive mergers with Schneider Electric’s software business and OSIsoft, AVEVA knew they had a bigger and more powerful story to tell. They came to us looking for a global campaign that would help them stand out within a crowded sector, driving awareness and resonating with their audience.

Humans at the heart

Industrial software is a competitive market. As a challenger to mega-brands in the technology space, AVEVA knew differentiation would be key to their success.

After extensive industry and stakeholder research, it became clear that marketing in the sector was ripe for disruption, with nearly every player falling back on futuristic, sci-fi visuals and jargon-heavy copy.

In contrast, AVEVA’s strength is in their people and the partnership they provide — a point of differentiation which became the foundational message of our campaign.

The strikethrough

Our copy-led creative began with a laser-sharp focus on customer needs and one central idea: where others see problems, AVEVA sees solutions.

We started by identifying provocative statements, needs or problems that customers would relate to. Then, we flipped the meaning, striking through the message to show how AVEVA guides their customers to a better outcome. The approach was designed to appeal to the engineering persona of our target audience, with each line offering a tiny puzzle to be solved.

A global stage

Delivered in partnership with our sister agency, Twogether, the 12-month campaign took in hundreds of assets across display, search, social, film and more, and was transcreated into German, Chinese and Spanish.

At the heart of the campaign was the hub: a custom-built multimedia experience designed to immerse our audience in in-depth case studies, told through text and video.

Real results

The campaign launched globally in 2020 and has since seen three creative refreshes. In total, it generated more than 150m impressions, including 18m video completions and 224k engagements.

Campaign creation and implementation, art direction, brand strategy, film and website